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We at Jobs With Monty strive to build a platform that stands for leadership, simplicity and diversity. We at Jobs With Monty encourage you to innovate new realms, challenge your limits, support your peers and enhance your competency.Jobs With Monty , a research based, cutting-edge HR Tech platform strives to establish a healthy ecosystem that bridges the gap between job seekers and job recruiters. It acts as a direct link between job recruiters and job seekers. Jobs With Monty’s uniqueness is the filtration of White-Collar and Blue-Collar applicants as well as jobs. Jobs With Monty has focused on adding value to the profiles of the Blue-Collar applicants as well to assist them gain the best opportunities out there.The vision that any company holds is rooted in its story. The story of the process that adds different stakeholders into the concept of a mere idea. Idea to bring a change in the conventions and stereotypes held for long. The brain-child of a person with vision to serve and sketch a revolution in the existing system. Jobs With Monty is known for nothing but its rich blend of competence and social-sensitivity. The vision to create a platform where the needs of able candidates and HR recruiters got fulfilled has driven us a long way. Our brand speaks not only of an excellent degree of entrepreneurship but also the compassion which wraps within a will to serve the huge workforce of India, making them independent and bridging the gaps in the labour market with an ease.

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    We have various packages defined with the limit of the number of people whose database you can access.
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    Jobs are categorised based on City, Education, Experience & Profession
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