• Recruiters registered on Jobs With Monty never ask for money from a candidate, so if you get such a call report the recruiter to us via email or call and we will look into the matter.
  • To post a job on www.jobswithmonty.com, follow the below steps
    • Go to the website and click on ‘Post a Job’ option on top right corner
    • Login with your email id and password
    • You will see a dashboard after you are logged in
    • On the left hand side of dashboard, there is an option of ‘Add new jobs’
    • Click on this option and fill in required details
    • Submit the job by clicking on ‘submit’ button
    Your job will successfully be posted on the website.
  • No, we have various packages defined with the limit of the number of people whose database you can access.
  • After logging in to the website you will see a dashboard, on the left hand side of the dashboard there is an option of ‘Edit Profile’, click on that option and follow the steps given below
    • Scroll down you will see a link to ‘Choose File’
    • Click on that link a window will open to select resume from your system
    • Select the file and click open
    Your resume has been successfully uploaded
  • No, you do not need to pay any fees for registration or applying for a job or for an interview call. Only in case you have availed any additional paid services from our website, you will have to just pay for that.
  • Only the recruiters to whom you have applied for a job and the admin of Jobs With Monty will be able to see your profile. Third party can not see your profile. We assure the security and privacy of the profile of every user.
  • After you login to the website, you will see a dashboard, on the left hand side of the dashboard you will see options of ‘Job applications’ and ‘saved jobs’ where you can easily check for the jobs you have applied to and saved to apply in the future respectively.
  • To identify genuine emails from Jobswithmonty.com, pay attention to the ‘From’ email address. Jobswithmonty.com email addresses always end in a ‘@jobswithmonty.com’ domain name.If the ‘From’ email address looks like, [email protected], [email protected], [email protected] etc., then the email is not sent by Jobs With Monty
  • Yes, If recruitment is done through official career page of company.